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Spring / Summer 2024

For women by Women

Why wear a dull oversized t-shirt to bed or for a cosy evening on the sofa, if you can wear soft, feminine and elegant night- and loungewear instead?

Our mission is to enhance your everyday life and make a positive impact on the world. It’s a world where the essence of living is a slow, present, and balanced life. We aim to create a space, where we inspire to unwind and prioritize small and meaningful moments throughout the day.

Particularly during the start of the day upon waking up and at the end before retiring to bed. We encourage you to incorporate small rituals into your daily routine, prioritizing tranquility, immersion, mindfulness, self-care, and quality moments with your loved ones within the comfort of your home.

Don’t just settle for feeling comfortable during those peaceful moments at home. Embrace the feeling of both well-being and beauty.

Design philosophy

CCDK is designed in Denmark by our passionate team, always with femininity, elegance and comfort in focus.

Our collections are created with respect for our surrounding.

A clear Nordic design DNA runs through our designs, focusing on seasonal colours and trends. Because – why should the clothes you wear when you go out be more appealing than what you comfortably wear at home?

You will always find the perfect combination of low-key elegance and beautiful prints, creating perfect visual harmony in every CCDK design. To make sure you feel gorgeous and relaxed at the same time, all styles are made in soft, natural and comfy materials.

About Us

The unsuccessful hunt for beautiful loungewear and nightwear lead to the foundation of CCDK.

Before we created CCDK, we searched high and low, but it was just not possible for us to find the perfect combination of comfort and elegance. Loungewear that we could picture ourselves wearing on a cosy night in. Nightwear so beautiful that we wouldn’t mind answering the door while wearing it. All we wished for were feminine and elegant pieces that would make us feel good, comfortable and beautiful.

As a brand with a significant female presence in our organization, we have a profound comprehension of women’s needs – the yearning for comfort and a desire to look good day and night.

We know we are responsible for our impact on the environment. Therefore, of course, our initiatives are with environmental concerns in mind. 

CCDK is part of Online Textile Solutions, which is owned by Thygesen Textile Group.

Thygesen Textile Group was founded in 1931, and is today a global manufacturer with eight subsidiaries including a Vietnamese manufactuering company and shares in the global German company, Müller Textil GmbH, which manufactures e.g. spacer fabrics for the automotive industry.